Wrecker Utility Attachment Would you use this???

I have posted this on the modding side already. I am just trying to gauge if this something people would like to have/use.

Problem with SP
The wrecker had the same reach and pull power as the winch.

What I would like to do is use or make the Utility Attachment that the MAZ 7310 (E-7310) from SP.

List of the changes would be

1) Longer cable reach  2-3 times longer

2) More winching power   2-3 time if (#3 is done power would not need to increase)

3) If possible to be able to add 1-2 snatch block for pulling around trees or rocks, and increase 
    pulling power.  Would work by changing the factors mass by half for each block.

4) Would have 150L fuel tank and 400 repair points

5) On Hardcare mode the MAZ's fuel would use about 5-10L (or more) a min when pulling with the utility 
    winch. ( not the stock truck winch )

The big problem with SP was that the wrecker had the same reach and pull power as the winch.

Q1) What do you guy think would you use this??

Q2) Maybe have the attachment work on 8x8 only or just the 7310??

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Yes! definitly! Sounds good. I think the game has other flaws that need attention with more prioruty though. But definitly is a must have feature.
Thumbs up for ya!

@quake513 so you mean to use a crane like towing/wreckers use to set on wheels flipped trucks?
Like this:?
alt text

alt text

I dont remember such on maz, but in AW all utility addons looks exactly like these wrecker vehicles has in RL. Without the crane.
alt text
So maybe in MR2 in would be good to have such tool, because in MR its too easy to set on wheels loaded trucks. In RL, and in the woods/distant places you need a construction crane and/or 2-3 trucks/k700. Because mud pits are deep, and weight and "rescuing lines/geometry" are against you and against simple towing/bending solutions.

But there are BUTS:

  • in siberia there are ZERO such wreckers. They are tooo expensive for russia, i was responsible for pushing Scania dealers to buy it,and only 5 were able, in huge/rich cities.
  • its too heavy for off roads, mainly its for highways and roadside help (but we already have it on all usa trucks...)
  • its not so important issue, there are plenty of more crucial that MUST be in mr2
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