Hey everyone!

Welcome in Insurgency: Sandstorm's Pre-order Beta! You'll find below some useful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

There are no NDAs or streaming restrictions on this test, and we're greatly looking forward to getting feedback from all across the gaming community as we work on the launch build.

How to join a game?

Please use the matchmaking system to join a game, as the server browser is deactivated in this Beta.


We are hosting via a Matchmaking (MM) system. Make sure you're connected to the server of your region in match preferences to have a smooth game experience.

How to use the set your server region and game type

  • From the main menu select PLAY.
  • From the bottom right of the screen select: MATCH PREFERENCES.
  • Then Tick the Regions and game types you wish to match to.


How to use the matchmaking system

  • From the main menu select PLAY.
  • Then select either Versus Find Game or Coop Find Game.
  • You can also select COMPETITIVE from the top of the screen and queue there for Firefight 5v5.
    • Note that a Firefight 5v5 match starts only if you're 10 queuing for it.

We suggest selecting your region/s before you attempt to match for a more optimal experience

Teams auto balance

In matchmaking, teams are automatically balanced at the start of a match. It is therefore impossible to switch team manually during a match.

Scope Performance

If you are experiencing performance drop when scoped, we suggest going to the Video setting menu and setting Scope Quality to Low.


Map Performance

HLOD distance is now affected by the users “Effects Quality” setting in the video menu. Lower settings should provide increased performance at the cost of some minor visual fidelity.

Some specific map areas aren't optimized yet and you might experience poor performance there. We're aware of that issue and will work on it. Don't hesitate to report us any spot causing technical issues. Don't forget to add info about your spec to help us.

Is there a dedicated server in my region?

For the Pre-Order Beta 1, we have servers in the following regions:

  • Europe
  • US West
  • US East
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Russia

More regions might come in the future. Don't forget that you can adapt your region preferences in the game to get more games if you are in a low population region.

Issues with Easy Anti Cheat?

You can refer to the dedicated support page:

What if I crash?

If the game crashes, hit "Send and Restart" in the UE4 crash reporter. It will help us to fix the issue.

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