help, i broke my editor!

i have been using Nix's (awesome) tutorials on mapping. But, i get bored sometimes and do stupid shit. Go in and just start changing xml. files, and such. just trying to see how it works.
In the process i have messed up my editor. I get tons of errors when i ADD A MODEL, and they are almost all FILE CANNOT BE FOUND, things like, Spun's rock models, a ton of Voto1979 models,
and some others.
Both Texture and Mesh type.
How can I 'reset' all the model info.???? thank you all ... Rufus
PS: every time i use the rebuild terrain, if locks up with 'not responding' for 10-15minutes.

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If you still have the original archive files (.zip) for the models, you should be able to extract them to your Mudrunner editor's media folder and overwrite anything you may have broken.
As far as the "Not Responding" issue goes, my PC does it for 3-5mins every time I rebuild terrain. The more I add to the map, the longer it takes. Mostly happens during the UpdatePlantsDistributions (?) while my poor CPU chugs away...

@rufus, That sounds like you don't have the correct paths setup in the editor settings. I got a whole bunch of errors, like that, when I went to work on an ST map I had. For some reason the MR editor changes the path in the ST editor and screws everything up and they both use the same cache folder as well.

i do not understand the whole 'cache' process. when do i clear them? which ones get cleared?
if i clear the wrong ones, my mods will not work???
if i uninstall both MR and the Editor. and all the appdata places. will that reset the the whole edit process and give me a better run at this??

@rufus, The cache folders are created by the game for when it converts the .x files and textures to work properly in game. But after re-reading the op, you probably need to re-install the editor, depending on what you changed. I don't know what you did so it would be impossible to know how to help. Sorry.

i deleted and reinstalled the editor and MR, wiped all the mods out of My workshop before reinstalling, and looked for and deleted any straggler files.. it is working really well now, only one error at load, and that was just to create the stg file.
as tattoo said , i have no idea what i did , however this worked out.... thank you all for the support!! Rufus

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@rufus You can't use both editors... they overwrite each other and are attached. It will hopefully be fixed sometime.