Trucks feel pointless

9 times out of 10 getting in one and driving it around is just an invitation to get blown up by an enemy rocket launcher. Even if by some celestial chance you last more than 10 seconds without exploding, being in the passenger seat will get you killed most of the time since you're a sitting duck and most classes can't equip a weapon short enough to shoot while in the truck. Getting in the gunner seat is basically a death sentence. All somebody has to do is aim slightly above the gun sight to get a headshot on you, which is difficult to play against because of how narrow your line of sight is while in the gunner seat.

In all my time playing the beta, I rarely saw people use the truck. If they did, I never saw them accomplish anything meaningful before an enemy RPG signaled their doom. Right now, it seems like the only use for trucks is as a big, flashing sign for the enemy demolitionist that says "Shoot me for some easy kills".

I beg to expand the argument. Vehicles are indeed feeble, but isn't that because it's just a suv? It's not like these are tanks, which are also very vulnerable to infantry in urban settings. I actually believe the gunner position is well protected enough, getting sniped by other player doesn't seem unfair to me. Removing the protection that limits vision would make the gunner an easy target.

The vehicle as limited use indeed, that doesn't mean it sucks at his designed role. It actually performs good. If the team can interact well with each others and coordinate attacks, I believe the vehicles will be a vital piece of equipment for any teams. Fast, extreme fire power, good range and accuracy, capable of transporting some friendly troops. It is excellent at support! capable of inserting fast strike teams and protect them from the back or go to strategic positions and lay counter fire to help the team advance inside an objective.

Of course, I don't think random teams on random matches will ever be able to use them properly. In those settings, it's just dumb fun. On the contrary, real competitive teams should have uses for them and will probably enjoy the vehicles amazing talents.

That's my opinion, do leave a like if you agree with me. Cheers!

@best-waifu Perhaps. But even with high skill competitive teams (Who are more likely to hang out in the competitive firefight playlist, where there are no vehicles anyway), I don't see how you could mitigate the risk of having your entire truck crew taken out by an explosive. Like I said, most classes can't equip a weapon short enough to be fired while in the truck, unless they use a pistol which would be extremely hard to aim and shoot from a moving vehicle.

It would be nice to be able to duck for cover or lean out the window while riding passenger. I think it would make for some really fun gameplay if passengers had more options besides sitting in their seat like a lemon.