opinions on 4th cam position

right now there is cam 1,2 and 3. any interest in a 4th?

for keyboard we have key 1 for regular left side and reverse cam, while key 2 is the right side of the truck or trailer cam. was thinking how nice it was in ST mod you could hold Shift while hitting key 2 and it would go to the right side or reverse right. i for one would find this a nice feature to have. can not count how many times i would have loved to of had the ability to switch the cam quick to that position to see my wheel placement. just curious if anyone else would be interesting in this also?

not exactly sure how it would work for a controller other than just scrolling through the cam positions with the dpad. which come to think of it should work just fine that way. could even do it this way for KB controls.

opinions, thoughts...?

i would love a cam on one of the front tires like gta has,