Issues with G920 wheel (PC)

I am using a Logitech G920 plus stick shift.
I have never seen any check for difflock damage, so it is possible to drive about on any terrain without considering diff stresses. Other wheel users have reported the same thing even with non-G920 setups.

When using the crane in the advanced menu we are unable to move the camera about by moving the mouse to get a better view of what we are doing, even though the help menu shows it as an option. This is definitely available to keyboard & mouse users and would make life so much easier when positioning the grab. On rare occasions the mouse movement briefly works, so possibly some wheel config is inhibiting it unless it is in exaclty the right position?

If you're using a clutch, I believe it's normal that you don't see damage from using the diff lock at higher speeds. I & others see the same thing. In my view they should get rid of the diff lock damage completely. It's enough that the lock increases your turning radius (which is realistic).

For getting a better view while using a crane, sometimes I press the button for cockpit view which changes the camera position while using the crane.

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