Suggestions for the PC (Steam) Version
  • Bots so we can play also play Singleplayer matches, and not just Multiplayer ones.

  • The possibility to remove all co-op (friendly) bots while in Singleplayer matches (just like in Insurgency when typing "mp_coop_ai_teammates 0" in the developer console)

  • The possibility to use the developer console and custom configuration (tweak) files, just like in Insurgency

  • The possibility to enable ininite ammo, while in Singleplayer matches, so we can just practice with our arsenal and master our weapons and aiming skills before actulally entering the arena.

  • the possibility to use launch parameters to skip intro videos (if any)

  • to be able to play both with bots and real people while in Multiplayer matches

  • realistic travel-speeds for bullets and projectiles

  • weapon variety! 🙂

  • the possibility to toggle crouch, run and aim down sights

  • realistic weapon sounds, physics, damage, and of course, AIMING.

  • realistic, or at least a good AI for bots 🙂

  • these weapon reload mechanics (just like we've seen in an official video of yours, months ago).

  • the possibility to disable or set the graphic settings to the lowest possible values, so we can run the game also in non-hi-end computers.

  • WORKSHOP/MOD SUPPORT! // this would be awesome, since the community can create really good content.

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! PLEASE, keep the support and updates for this game active; it is sad to watch developers abandon their beautiful projects! 😕

I really wish you the best you can get, and also a very happy life, devs! May you always get what you need and deserve! 😃

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I am kind of confused. Most of what you are suggesting is already in the game and devs have made multiple videos about it, players also. I mean, these weapon reload mechanics are in game displays and are already part of the product.
Don't get me wrong on that : your post feels like a trolling attempt. But you putted a lot of efforts into it so I don't think it is. Very confusing. Anyway, do stay excited for sandstorm. Cheers.