Xbox - main mission won’t progress

I’m on “the eye was in the tomb” and I need to talk with the Vicar Larrabee. When I approached the chapel door the first time there was a flash and then I was just standing there. I never spoke to the Vicar. There is no way to knock on the door again. The main mission marker has disappeared. I’ve tried reloading the game. I’ve watched you tube videos of what’s supposed to happen, and I’ve done everything that others did. It still says I need to talk with the Vicar, but I can’t.

Just a little update: still broken. However, there is also an “unknown event” marker on my map at the cemetery gate, but I’ve been all over there, through the entire cemetery, and killed everything several times now, and the marker will not go away like usual. I’m standing right on it. There’s nothing. Perhaps these two bugs are related? Or, are there SO many bugs I actually have two going at once?

I've seen other complaints of a similar softlock when trying to speak to the vicar. I don't know any solution other than reloading to a previous backup (as a contingency plan) or to try resting and attempting to open the church door again.