What kinds of mods can we make in Unreal Engine 4 in Sandstorm?

I am very interested in creating mods for Insurgency: Sandstorm. I know that details on this are likely to be light right now as the dev team's focus is on, well, developing, but if there are any pointers or suggestions that can be given then I'm very interested in hearing them. I have not tried messing with any game that runs on the Unreal Engine 4 yet so I'm unsure as to where to even start. I figure it won't involve LUA!

What I am eager to create specifically are

  • new modes of play,
  • rework existing features into "new" features (ex: create BLR-style HRV via the feature that shows your squad-mates through walls or the spectator player outline),
  • create interactive/static popup or dialog menus,
  • alter weapons while away from a resupply point,
  • set individual weapon damages,
  • and set general player HP and movement speeds.

While I hope Sandstorm will (eventually) have the same Steam Workshop features of the last game by allowing custom weapons, I would love to know if there will be any means of doing any of this. I figure I'll have to wait until the game releases but even news that there will be news about modding later would be music to my ears.

The game will support mods, that's for sure but I'm not entirely sure what the limitations are (if any) at this point. More information will be revealed as it gets closer to launch. I'd recommend checking out next week's live stream. The Community Manager of NWI will be answering questions (he did a stream today), that would be a good place to start. The stream should go live next Thursday, same with beta 2.

@captain-price Thanks for the good directions. I'm not much of a fan of Twitch, much less its comment section, but I did listen through a Stream NWI posted on the 16th and they said that there was a plan to release the tools and more details post-launch. I knew I'd have to wait. I guess I just got my hopes up.

I would download the generic UE4 SDK but since I'm not going to be mapping I don't think I'll get much use out of it for now.