What's with all these newbs posting terrible suggestions trying to ruin Ins?

Ins is ins, stop trying to make it into another cod/cs/arma/pubg clone with your terrible ideas.
If you don't like what it is then wait for it to come out then make a mod to change it into the thing you want, there are some of us who have been huge fans of Ins since it was a mod and we are a hardcore community who want Ins to stay as it is as the developers imagined it and have created it.

Ins is unique as it's the only game of it's kind out there among the trash full ocean of shooting games, stop trying to make it more like something else by making suggestions that will affect all of us, Ins has always been on the borderline betwix arcade and tactical.

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Lol, I don't know where you're coming from.
People's main request is reduced player speed so that ins doesn't become a CoD.
There's been some suggestions like making holes in doors that do hold merit on a realism level.
What's more, if this game is exactly like the first ins, why would people play it? They already own ins!

Newb, stop trying to ruin the game with your terrible ideas, you don't understand anything. And that comes from a player that was a hardcore fan since this game was just a half-life engine mod on steam.

Your post is going to fall flat if you don't also specify, in the eyes of the staff team they're going to glance and look away.

How about allowing folks to voice the opinions? NWI already has a defined vision for this new game and that's not going to change from an individual requesting an arcadey element or a milsim one. Even if a horde of CoD players came here asking for a Nazi Zombie mode doesn't mean that NWI will oblige.

In other words, you need to trust that NWI is still at the helm with this clear vision and direction they have established. That's not to say that they will not take feedback into consideration because they obviously do. .....but I think it is also obvious that this game is tapping into a niche market and I don't believe they would do anything to jeopardize that no matter how many people try to change the core meta to suit their own idea of what the game should be.

@depleted You realize NWI isn't going to completely flip their vision for the game just because a few randos wanted them to add a battle royale mode, right?

Furthermore, who's posting these terrible ideas? The only ideas I see being posted are along the lines of reducing player running speed... literally the opposite of making the game a COD clone.

Well, I hope you're not implying a one life gamemode is a Cod mode or a battle royale mode. No offense, but the only terrible suggestion I've seen is the FFA one life gladiator mode that you suggested.

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