Now what exactly is happening to the game?

Hi everyone i see that Mudrunner 2 is revealed and 10 minutes ago i find that the facebook page is changed only to mudrunner and i started to think did Pavel actually did't want to make updates and just wanted the money and now focus and saber took the game in their hands and change it only to mudrunner and make another better game without Pavel i see that like the old one mudrunner is not very different only graphics physics etc. but now what do you guys think are we going to have really the best off road simulator ever or just another dead game??? I mean third time must be the lucky one and please if some of the devs read this tell me something if i am wrong or right not in details but i think again something went wrong with Pavel,Saber and Focus.

@vmilov68 Nobody actually knows whats happening behind the scenes, but might be very well that they managed to actually get rid of the OOVEE side of the thing. Just remember that OOVEE still holds the rights for the "Spintires" name, so they removing it from mudrunner may be a good thing. At least I hope so. I reallt want to believe in this next game, cause I really love mudrunner, but the road for this game has been "bumpy" since the very beginning. I believe that a fresh build from scratch would do good to it. I only hope that the developers get it right this time and use the full potential they have in hand, cuz make no mistake, they have not even scratched the surface with what Mudrunner could become.
Also, @Iyagovos has confirmed that Pavel is still working at Saber and will be behind Mudrunner 2 as well.

You need to learn how to use periods and sentences. It's really for your own good. People then may respond to you more and take you more seriously.

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@deathcoreboy1 Yeah first thanks for the info about Pavel.Second you are right about they don't even scratch the surface I mean weather,other game modes I also remember when the original Spintires was on kickstarter they said that they can add tire deflation system,super charger to the engine different trailers and so on.btw i love the game too and if you want we can play multiplayer

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@vmilov68 Hey, thank U for the invitation!!! Currently I'm super busy working and barely playing cuz I left my country and I'm trying to make a life from the ground up somewhere else all by myself. I can only read the forums while I'm at work...

Thank you once again and I'll remember it for the near future 😉

@deathcoreboy1 wherever you are, welcome. Best of luck in your new life, and hurry back to the mud.