Hi Developers and ect, i have a suggestion to make for new game you are making, if it will be the best game you ever do how about make maps with snow and ice, summer bit dry or dessert and stuff, i like iff road games but mudrunner has not enough challenges, and it could be a bit more cars maybe more offroady ones like f150 or something jeep like, and how about you make mr2 with coop rock crawling challenges where you can’t and won’t complete on your own and make it difficult/interesting. Where you can’t go off course and need to stay to path and stuff. What do you guys think? Add comments below

@bunnytap It would be nice to see the game go the route your taking about. The physics and deformation would be great for offroad trail riding. But I dont see it going that way, it's been pretty obvious that the dev team wants to stick with the logging simulation, yet the name Mudrunner implies otherwise. But to see some rock crawler, ultra 4, rock bouncers, jeeps and stuff would be cool, to console of course PC players already have this with mods. If you ever played 4x4 evo 1 or 2 the vehicle customization and gameplay style of it would be perfect for Mudrunner

Yeah, I get a little tired sometimes of so much mud. Just going 4km/h all the time is a little boring. I have asked befor that maps should have more of dirt trails and rock crawls and stuff like that. Its OK to put a little swamp and a muddy trail on the woods, but also, put roads and dry terrain... I little variety.
Also, I'd like to see more assets on the maps. Maybe small villages on an airport where you have to pick a heavy cargo like a helicopter or a big tanker or maybe even a military tank and make your way to X place.... Something that makes each map unique... If you know what I mean.

@deathcoreboy1 the reasoning for the deep mud over 90 percent of the maps is to keep you going slow and to not be able to travel across the map or objective points to quickly. The maps are not big enough to be mostly dirt trail or just rock. Maybe with the next game they will fix this but will have to wait to see the official information

Convert Mudrunner in a RedNeck-Trail-Simulator with liftet Ford-, Chevy- and Dodge-Trucks - NO NO NO!
You guys chosen the wrong game.

This game was all about hauling heavy loads with big rigs through heavy enviroments.
What i want to see is much more different gameplay.

So that you have to bring different cargos (concrete, cement, wood) to build roads and bridges in the forest to get to the lumber yard. Haul heave machines to the construction side to build the roads/bridges.
Then bring harvester, forwarder and logskidder to the lumber yard to cut trees and move the logs out of the deep forest.
After that you can deliver the logs from the lumber yard to the objects.

This brings us a whole bunch of different Trucks, Machines and trailers.

Also different damages would be Nice. Broken radiators, steering, driveshafts, diffs, blown up tires. With some damages you can go ahead but slowly or make it harder and some stops you immediately.
You have take a repair Truck to fix it or haul (on a trailer not a rope like now) it to the next Garage.

A nice feature would be also if we are able to get out of the truck and walk around. Would be cool to see the Truck from first person view and would be great for screenshots.

And of course tracked vehicles! Please give us the BAT-M.

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There are some right good ideas here, i hope developers see this and give them idea, the problem at the moment is that xbox one and ps4 dont have mods, so we can’t take pleasure in driving f150 and chevy and stuff, it would be nice to come off russian trucks and have some changes. Have heavier loads and maybe even custumised trucks, lorries and pick ups.

may I just suggest to keep your ideas and/or suggestions in one thread?
Having ideas in one place makes it easier to go through them and it reduces chance of constant repeating one again and again 🙂
Just saying...

@Sodoma this is the Mudrunner 2 Wishlist Thread, and that's the Spintires Mudrunner Wishlist Thread haha

I don't mind if MR2 goes in a traily or trucky direction, I will likely buy and enjoy it either way. I hope it's still as accessible to modding as the current game, and that the main focus of development is on improving the havok engine

@sodoma said in MR2:

wishlist is a wishlist...

But these are all new ideas that have never been heard before.


  1. I don't force anybody, it was just suggestion
  2. compare on your own what @Alpscruiser wrote in here with what I wrote in there
    And it's not like "how dare you to use my ideas", rather "I've told you there is a duplicity"
    But again, It was just suggestion...

Me personally think they shud sack off the whole hauling thing and make this game what sooooooooo many ppl want and give us the game that majority of pc users use mud runner for....


Make the game have aload of trail maps and just go driving thru thick mud, get stuck, rock crawling everything... get some beasty pick up, jeep style trucks and its a given success

They have a chance to make the game that everybody wants.... if the devs are jus making a second instalment of mud runner i.e haulin with logs etc its business suicide... they havent even got the first one complete and got custkners happy so makin a second is a bad idea..

BUTTT. If they make MR2 a proper off road/trail driving game... ITLL BE A MONUMENTAL success

@chri51808 right, would be awsome,
i love hauling logs, but put this stuff into

@chri51808 As much as I like the trail Driving, I wouldn't like to remove the cargo hauling thing. I'd rather like them to make these sanbox maps with more trails, less mud and give us the option of choosing your car/truck/golas depending on what you want to do.
But if they add different types of cargo, like heavy military vehicles that need to be transported froma military base to a huge hangar somwhere else.... IDK, just more variety, but not just trail driving.
Anywahys, it's just my opinion.

@Sodoma i agree with you, my comment was extremely sarcastic. Sorry for the confusion, all these suggestions have been made many times before.

@malcolm_tucker said in MR2:

@Sodoma this is the Mudrunner 2 Wishlist Thread, and that's the Spintires Mudrunner Wishlist Thread haha

So there are a bit of CHAOS when it comes to community suggestions/demands to MR2 (i've dug the whole forum).
I like to have everything organized and structured!))
So dear IYAGOVOS and SODOMA, please consider following proposal:
After AW release, i'd say from 01.11 (after we all get and witness all new features from AW update) START NEW PINNED topic "MR2 - LIST of community SUGGESTIONS"
PIN the rules of it:

  1. YOU MUST read the whole topic before posting, to exclude repeats

  2. If you are new to the game or to this Forum, and not 100% sure what your idea is: not in the game yet / worth mentioning / clearly AND technically formulated - first please dig this forum and the game for it.
    The same if you dont like smth, think it should work somehow you dont know how (winch for example)- also please first dig forum/www.

  3. EACH NEW suggestion in SEPARATE topic!!!, see why:

  4. WHILE obligatory check of previous suggestions YOU must UPVOTE each suggestion you also want to see in MR2. And according to this "upvotes" statistic devs will prioritize implementations.

  5. Be precise and short, straight to the point (i'll try it too..)). Start post from "NEW: ..."

  6. IF you STRONGLY(!) disagree with some suggestion (you think it can ruin your preferred gameplay, or its stupid or its not important AND will take too much resources away) - quote it in the same thread, and shortly state your disagreement.
    Start this quote post from "DISAGREE: ..."
    All who support you and also STRONGLY want to block discussed suggestion - upvote this post.
    And devs will compare upvotes FOR and AGAINST

  7. IF you have much BETTER AND BRIGHTER idea about already posted suggestion - quote it, and shortly "remake" it.
    Start this quote from "REMAKE: ..."
    If you just want to discuss it, praise it, or go into details - DONT DO IT. Just upvote.

  8. Do not repeat demands, already implemented in current game (whats why we need new topic - there are dozens of such here, and many of them outdated since demands were implemented/corrected by patches)

  9. Maybe do the header in double language, English/Russian, Im ready to translate it if needed, or involve managers from russian page.

I believe devs and community managers will appreciate the possibility to have all community proposals in one place while development phase of new game!
And community also will be happy to see it in one place, refresh/rephrase/update their suggestions and dreams, and put here! (And it will give us some power - "so we invested in MR2 our money (AW) and time (this updated list of proposals), this particular issue is stated and supported at official list-topic, not in the middle of nowhere, so...").

And could be some pereodical feedback from devs directly or at least from CM, in short form - we got it and this / this will be done 100% / this - no way / or 50×50 / or "its too personal taste - no upvotes from others" / or "we see it in this way:..". And we can agree upon it or not, via upvotes.

So its heavy...but if done - MR2 might be much better game!
So its up to CMs and Sodoma to do it or not.
So if you agree -upvote this post!)

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I understand that my idea to have strict order in MR2 suggestions are too big.

But now nothing happening in community in this way, no pined or highlighted topic, just chaos.
So each day mr2 becomes more "unflexible", and there is a big chance of huge disappointment after release. But all new topics will be useless after it...