I know it's been suggested before and I'm sure some would argue that it would make the game too easy, but I for one, don't play Spintires for it's challenge. Spintires is made as easy or as difficult as you make it by using certain types of equipment or game play modes. But for the purposes of simple utility, being able to deploy two winch lines or being able to make add-ons or mods with actual dual winches would make some things more fun and certainly help is specific situations. For instance, if a heavy vehicle is overturned, or on it's side in mud / water a single winch line is highly unlikely to be able to free it. It takes the same amount of force or greater to undo a flip or rollover as it took to enter that scenario.

Just something to think about. I've always fully enjoyed playing Spintires because of the recovery aspect, and I doubt I'm alone.