MudRunner 2 Announcement

what 3rd party websites?? leme see some links Please..just curious

well they have the site, but nothing for download just yet of course since the game has yet to be released. it is something to be expected, but little surprised they are jumping this soon. lol

MR2 Mods can not remember the names of the couple others i found after being showed this one.

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@markus-bane Its full American from all the info so far

@randy_bosss some journalist said in his article that it included siberian map.

I personally like the idea of being kept in the dark about the game during development. When content is cemented in though please share. I really enjoy the game. This kinda reminds me of a vehicle based game back during the ps 1 days. The first game was cool, and kinda got people into the genre... the second game was absolutely spectacular. Both were works of Singletrac. Unfortunately 989 studios took over the series after the second game and killed the series but let's not talk about that now. The game was Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2. I really hope Focus takes all the good of the first spin tires and mudrunner... pretty much the same game and builds a masterpiece with Mudrunner 2!