MudRunner 2 Announcement


Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive are pleased to announce their continued collaboration for development of the sequel to MudRunner, which once again dares players to take charge of incredible all-terrain vehicles across extreme landscapes.

MudRunner 2 brings back the series’ renowned physics engine, realistic driving mechanics, intense environments and sandbox gameplay, along with a host of new features and enhancements.

“Collaborating with Focus Home Interactive on MudRunner was a great success for both our studios,” says Matt Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive. “Thanks to their professionalism and continued enthusiasm for the project, the Focus team have established themselves as the ideal partners as we take the next bold steps in our MudRunner journey.”

“We are proud to partner with Saber Interactive once again on a series that has proven to be a hit with players and critics alike,” says Jürgen Goeldner, president of Focus Home Interactive. “With this new collaboration, we look forward to working closely with Saber Interactive to achieve our goal of offering players the ultimate off-road experience.”

MudRunner 2 is planned for PC and Consoles. The game will be further unveiled next year, beginning with the What’s Next de Focus press event in Q1 2019.

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spintires mudrunner 2, this one took me by surprise ??😨

really surprising never saw this coming 😮
I am curious what will happen in the future

@knight25 said in MudRunner 2 Announcement:

Here we go again
0_1534781901381_picard-facepalm (1).jpg

laugh a lot, let's go again, let's start the discussions😂

It’s awesome there bringing new mudrunner but we need more mods on consoles for first one to 😐

Эта фотка в тему

Do we have a new Vehicle list? Maybe some North American Equipment?

This is going to be a complete waste of money it will be the same exact game that we have now just like mudrunner is just a refurbished versions of the original Spintires. Small maps, boring missions, under powered vehicles, and lack of content. Will get around 9 vehicles at launch and probably 5 or 6 maps that are very close to what we have now. This development team does not listen to the community or have any creativity. I and whole lot of other people have lost hope in this game and the development team. And before the hate comments from the people that "love" this game and disagree with any criticism , go to the Facebook page where this announcement is and read the comments and try to count the people that are looking forward to this verse the people who wont buy it and are disappointed with the current version. This game hasn't been out for a year yet and has already lost a huge amount of its community. There is no reason for PC players to buy this when they can download mods that are better than anything that will be released. And as for console it would be a waste to buy this because it will be the same we have now just different name. I personally will not be purchasing and will not be buying the America Wilds dlc if it is priced more than $15 USD .

Wait, what??? OMG?!! this is unexpected! did not see it comming!!!! I hope it turns up to the expetations it rises on me!!!

Which Game Engine will be used?
Thank you.

@SloppySlingers the amount of effort you put into hating this game is surprising. You and i are both members of the vocal minority, but the difference is that i am vocal in support, or at the very least counter to voices like yours; the toxic internet. Of course there's a ton of hate on facebook. Just like the hate here. We all get that you feel betrayed by this game, but it seems more like you are betrayed by your expectations and entitlement.

If you like the game, support it and hope the creator can scrape together the resources needed to satisfy you. But if you think your comments are doing anything more than just hurting the game and the public's perception of it, you are wrong. The only thing you can do to be heard properly is to buy it or not.

...and on that note, i assure you i will buy the american wilds expansion twice. Once for myself, and again in your name. I don't need two copies, but i will do it to invalidate your opinion.

okay... what

i mean, the biggest thing i immediately noticed was that it's not called "Spintires: Mudrunner" anymore.
figure out yourself whatever that means...

MudRunner 2 brings back the series’ renowned physics engine
so, havok? 😄
i hope it uses either a new engine (imagine a spintires game in Unreal Engine 4 or Lumberyard 😲 ) for the rest of the game or a completely overhauled one that fits a game that will release in 2019, not the old one again...

realistic driving mechanics
some are, some not, but i'm sure you'll improve it

intense environments and sandbox gameplay
hopefully with some more variety in those "intense" environments

new features and enhancements
yes please, and lots of them

@grubdumpling you are the kind of person I would call a lap dog for this development team. You get triggered by criticism against this game. I cannot support something that is going inevitably fail. There is just not enough people now that have faith in this title to prolong the life of this game. And as for my effort thank you for noticing I put alot of thought and effort into my posts. Atleast I thoroughly explain my thoughts and reasoning for each statement rather than being like the few that say "This game sucks, give me mods for console" and just leave it at that. By the way nothing every grows or improves without criticism. This can be seen in every aspect of human history, when we get content with the current results or anything that we have built it ceases to grow. Take the U.S.A government for example

Spintires Beta v3.0 ....

If you guys are gonna make another game it better be superior than the old one , new features and game modes (tracked vehicles ?) are a must . I'm sure that is going to be made on the same old havok engine but at least make it better or different . This game was a succes when it was launched , was a succes when you guys bought it but I doubt that people will want to buy the same game for the third time just for the name .


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Excited but skeptical.

Can you answer these?

  1. Will the game be 64 bit?

  2. Will the editor, or new editor ( I can hope!) be 64 bit?

  3. Could we get a very small tease of a new feature?

@Digital-X I think MudRunner 2 is only on paper right now , they will start working on it after American Wilds DLC , just my opinion.

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All the hate from the beginning again.

You guys know nothing about this game, so wait until more Informations are out.
Some times i feel this forum is full with 3-7 year old children.

why couldnt you just release this before you released mudrunner 1 this is just a waste of money tbh