movement speed too fast

I feel insurgency would benefit greatly if the movement speed was reduced, in order to create a more tactical feel the devs were going for. If the lateral left/right movement was slowed down so people couldn't zip left and right like in callofduty, and instead changed to more like squad, the game would feel less arcadie and instead reward players who set up tactically to have the advantage. Also, I find that the player sprint speed from standstill is incredibly fast, like 0 to 100 acceleration speed which makes it feel less authentic.

you never played ins before? characters already move rather slow, if you slow them down even more then the whole sprint/carry weight/sliding system will be utterly useless and the game will turn into even more of a camping fest online.

as a veteran of the mod, no thanks, if you want to be slow then fill your loadout and use heavy equipment, tactical games can be played as fast or slow as the users feel comfortable doing, since you've made your point that you like to be a turtle for the whole world to see and shoot at, don't try and ruin it for those of us who rush around with minimal gear so we can use lightning fast hit and run tactics to ambush slowpokes like yourself who think taking 30 minutes to push a failing objective is a grand idea.

I will rush a building and bang you out then put you down with two to the chest and one to the head before you've even chambered a round and sighted in. Protip Ins is not arma 3; nor is it cod or cs neither, it's ins and it's fine as is sitting on the borderline betwix tactical and arcade.

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If people can run that swiftly (..they can) at least the devs should consider a louder slappy sprinting footsetp sound for people running like a naked tribal warrior.

The mod was slower than the standalone. I personally think the movement in the last beta was too fast, but it's the acceleration that is what made it difficult to go through doorways. (or maybe it was the input lag)

Going up staircases is definitely too fast.

There's been quite a few different opinions on whether it's too fast or too slow. Alex said in his live stream today that they've made some adjustments based off of the feedback and that they're trying accommodate everyone's opinion.

@captain-price Could you indicate the time in the video he addressed the player's speed? You made me curious and I went through the entire stream but didn't find it.


I believe it came up when Alex was actually playing the game, but I can't recall the exact time in the stream. However, I do remember the question coming up about the speed and him saying "some people say it's too slow and others say it's too fast". So they're trying to find a balance.

I really can't find it... It appears this is not the original stream since Alex is not reading the questions from this chat, quite confusing xD

So if anyone knows at which part of the video he makes that comment, please share! I'd appreciate it very much.


@best-waifu Hmm, interesting. I'll have to re-watch and double check. I was for sure I heard something along those lines. Also, Alex does read questions from that stream I listed. He talks about the game, answers some questions, and then plays the game itself.

Yup that's what Alex did, but it's not twitch's chat that Alex answered the most. Like for the first question "Why is Alex not at the show?", that was not part of the twitch chat. At least it doesn't show to me. So it seems to me that Alex is mainly answering questions from another stream's chat. I just wanted to clarify that.

I agree. The movement speed and some of the action seems a bit fast for me after viewing a lot of the videos that has surfaced since the open beta. Even jumping through windows, down from an elevated surface, etc. should have some transitional animation to simulate the brief period it would take to recover from such an action. .....something more realistic rather than "arcadey".