Hi there,

I’ve been reading a lot of bugs for the investigation above. However, in none of the threads I’ve read have people said they’ve killed Mason and are having problems because of that. I’m on my second playthrough, which is my killing playthrough, and planned on mopping up collectibles at the end. I was successful in this until it came to obtaining the collectible that’s behind a coded door in the sewers. I read that when the district becomes hostile and everyone is dead in Whitechapel, you’re able to just enter the door without the code. However, for me it’s still telling me to find someone who can read Braille and sending me to Mason’s house, despite him being dead. I was under the impression the investigation would fail once he was killed, yet it’s still active. This is super frustrating as this is the penultimate collectible I need (the other being the one before the final boss fight) and the collectible achievement is the final achievement I need to max out the game. I would rather not have to do a third playthrough just for this one collectible (but of course my OCD means I’ll have to as I can’t have an achievement incomplete). Any advice would be massively appreciated!