MudRunner American Wilds Info and Screenshots !(Update)

@morbid no disrespect, just my thought on your post.
__try to take a whack at designing and constructing your own map, that is challenging, and realistic, by your standards. i make my own maps, and it's great, for the type of game play that i enjoy and the whole map making process in itself is another aspect of the game that is a challenge and a lot of fun. If it is something that seems a little daunting, there are a ton of very good tutorials, and the modding community is very receptive to offering an assist.
_i started with a tutorial by Nix,(i don't know how to link it here). it will have you running on your own map in less than an hour.
__Hope this might expand your enjoyment..RUFUS

@rufus No disrespect taken. Unfortunately, I play on console so making maps will do me zero good.

An American update without the iconic American jeep ?

Boring !

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An American update without the iconic American jeep ?

Boring !


Also have a look at who owns jeep. If you'd like "iconic american" to look like a continually failing company that now rebrands european cars as "jeep" then maybe you might have a point.

I meant the real jeeps.. Made by Willys Overland, Kaiser or the latter AMC jeep corporation jeeps of the 70's
Not this dodge/fiat junk.
Not the Mahindra Roxor 👎

@crunky-trunks HAHA I got to agree with you on that one with the fiat junk. Huu well if they add jeep then they need to fix the rock Glitch cause a lot of people are going to want to do rock crawling. Me personnel yeah I would want to do some as well if i have a Jeep or instead of rock crawling then some trail riding. For the trails it should be something that puts the jeep to the test like bumps in the road that put the jeeps suspension to the test and really makes the jeep work. I would really love if they put jeep in spintiers, But i think most of the people are leaning towards Ford and chevy i am to cause my favorite brand of truck is ford.

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Keep in mind how simple this game was in very begining.
It is unlikely just a coincidence that map has that non-metric, "computer-like-1000" 1024x1024 size.
I've met some maps those were like two maps put together. I had to use modified EXE, otherwise it runs, but vehicles can't move at all. So there was a map size set to current size in very begining and later were things scaled to fit in. Game balance.
And BTW, you should try to make a reasonably nice map for that "square kilometer", maybe after such expirience you will appreciate current "small" maps more...

I want larger maps -> 4096 x 4096m. Square kilometer is to small!!

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@yoepie do you use the MR Mod? it will allow you to blow up your map size during the set-up.. beware it will take FOREVER, to open, to save, to rebuild terrain. Forever.. give it a try, just go a little bigger say 1250 x 1250, which is a lot of extra land . to load a 4000 x 4000 map, i don't know i gave up after an hour and a half of load time. __Rufus

It was only a exemple.
But say 1500 x 1500 x 256m. is fine by me. And without the
mr tool! Now i can only make maps, square kilometer and 122.9m up with the mr tool. If i make the map 123m high. Trucks are stuck, if the player do'nt have the mr tool. pouting_face:


as anyone post a video on youtube, of ppl or a person building mods? like trucks,maps?

this going to be free?