Changes to player movement. Good or Bad? Should it happen? Could it happen?

Hey guys, just a topic I would like to discuss about player movement in insurgency. Now I love insurgency and have over 1300 hours in the game, making it my most played game but haven't played a lot recently.
While I've been waiting for sandstorm to release have been playing RS Siege, Rising Storm 2 among others but mostly Squad which I've played over 400 hours in now, but now I'm getting back into insurgency I'm reminded of how much the player movement feels unnatural and restricted compared to a game like squad where the player movement feels much more intuitive and realistic with small movement details which make a big difference to game play.
This is why I would like to discuss this topic and get any thoughts and opinions on whether they would be a good change or if they would change game-play of insurgency too much and ruin what insurgency is. Hopefully this might get the attention of the dev's for some food for thought as well.

Here's a list of player movement mechanics I think would be positive change for insurgency.

Reload/Sprint Movement - Instead of not allowing a reload while sprinting or canceling the reload, you should be able to move while reloading at a slower speed than sprint but faster then normal movement speed. This is more realistic and movement feels more natural rather getting pulled out of a reload every time you try to run. (if you are in the military or trained to use weapon you can run and reload your gun at the same time.)

Prone/Sprint Movement - While in Squad if you press L shift (sprint) while prone you don't stand up to run, but crawl at faster speed, since playing squad i'm constantly trying to crawl faster in Insurgency and end up standing straight up in the middle of a gun fight. Now this is my fault but I feel the movement of pressing L shift to crawl faster feels more intuitive then pressing shift to stand up and run, in slower paced games like insurgency or squad when you're prone that's where you want your movement control to be until you make the decision to stand up and run which should be your crouch or jump keys.

Prone/Peek Movement - Being able to peek and left/right while prone, it just feels so restrictive when you can peek while standing and crouched but cant while prone, games like siege and squad feel much more natural and realistic they way you can move in the prone position.

Now I can see some arguments against this and I don't want insurgency to be another squad (i could just go play squad.) I love insurgency but when I'm in playing semi-realistic FPS I want my player movement to feel intuitive and have more of a realistic control over my player movement, I would like to hear other any thoughts on this.

It's all clear, it's early to talk about it, it's just beta. All will be but not immediately. In the priority now, as I understood from the last poll, the developers are busy with the balance, since on August 30 we will receive all the content on the upcoming beta, and already on this Build will increase meat and optimization until the output on the consoles.
All the problems that there are now about them, the developers know and do not worry that they are slamming the games. NWI knows what should be the sandstorm in the release!

I realize their main focus is optimization at the moment. This has nothing to do with that and really is just a hypothetical discussion about the player movement mechanics which have been in place since the original insurgency and if they should evolve into something more fluid.
I am quite aware the dev's have other things on their minds and these changes will probably never happen but I was just interested about hearing others thoughts on whether they should be changed...quite sick of hearing everyone just whinge about optimization honestly...Did you even read what my first post was about?

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@hydrobuds You're absolutely right. I really feel like insurgency right now is really limited due to the movement mechanics. The soldiers feel like olympic sprinters, and dart away from standing still instantly, and zip across maps left and right, making it feel really cod-ish. I really like slower, methodical movements like squad that really make you position yourself in a way so you get the advantage. I think all your suggestions listed would help 100%,.