Strange feeling when firing weapons

First, I know it's beta so I'd like to contribute by providing feedback, I don't know if there are similar threads before, but I would just like to point out something that I have noticed when firing weapons in Sandstorm compared to the first Insurgency.

Firing a gun in Sandstorm feels like there's less kick to it than firing a weapon in the original Insurgency.

In the first insurgency, it's louder, and somehow it really brings you the feeling of firing a weapon but in Sandstorm, sometimes I can't really tell if I actually fired my weapon. The recoil feels softer, the weapon not loud enough or sometimes the environment sound is louder than your weapon, and it really feels like there's less tactile feedback?

Yeah, a lot of it is the sound. The guns just sound weaker than they did in the last game. I have a comment up stating the same thing.