Okay, there are so many things I want to ask about this game that I'm dying to know but we all wanna know and we must know!!! (I didn't watched the interview/ read the articles because of the British accent and the too long articles are freaking me out) So let's begin with the questions:

  1. What does the game has a mini-map, a compass, or a radar?
  2. Who will be the protagonist? The weird magic girl or the solider?
  3. Why was another soldier standing there at the end of the teaser trailer looking at the other one without doing anything? I thought they are trying to get rid all of the monsters in the greedfall world...
  4. Is this game is a multiplayer/ split screen or a singleplayer?
  5. When will the first gameplay demo video will be out?
  6. What is the story about? we only know it's a RPG named Greedfall... Sad isn't it?
  7. Is it a FPS or a TPS?
  8. What is the exact release date of this game?
  9. Are there are deluxe and collectors editions? And if there are how are they gonna be different than the standard?
  10. What are you gonna do to convince me to buy this game? because most of the people that seen the first trailer had already forgot it is exist... Bad...
  11. How will this game be different than other RPG's?
  12. What should I except from the game?
  13. Will you answer to me?
    Hope for a fast reply- shas...
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