One life gamemodes?

Strike or Ambush? Few comments on Strike. Destroying the objective was hard and never gave the opposing side a chance to defuse. If strike is a gamemode you will be creating, than it needs to be similar to tradational games. Copy search and destroy on Cod, or objective base match on mohaa, or AAPG. Seriously, that gamemode was broken, and there was a reason why nobody played it. If you're not going to take my advice just copy your Ambush mode even though it was extremely annoying if the vip rushed.

These gamemodes will be 12v12, right?

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I really hope they keep the Tactical operations in the new game
Really Enjoy Elimination, Firefight and Ambush

I just hope this game is as good as the last game. I heard it might be 6v6 matches, I hope Im wrong, and I hope Ambush makes it return. If there was one improvement, bst out of 7 in Ambush, switch sides after 3 rounds. I hated playing on one side for the entire match.

Recent quote from Mikee

@mikee said in Insurgency: Sandstorm Community Update - A Shift in Direction:

The planned game modes for release are as follows: Push, Firefight, and Capture the Base for Versus, plus Checkpoint, Operation, and Outpost for Coop. Push and Firefight are very similar to as they were in Insurgency. Both of these modes will not have drivable vehicles, as we hope to preserve the gameplay of our legacy game modes. Capture the Base however is a more open map mode, one which is built from the start with drivable vehicles in mind. It’s got a bit more of a “Capture the Flag” feel to it (though with very different goals and conditions) and so far has been a lot of fun to play internally. Firefight will also feature a separate 5v5 competitive ruleset with its own matchmaking and ranking system. Checkpoint and Outpost are similar to Insurgency as well (Outpost has seen some tweaks) but Operation will offer a new kind of experience. We’ll be sharing more about that in due time.

Adding game modes post-release is something we are considering. However it is important to us that we do not fragment or separate our player base with too many modes, and that each of our modes offers a very fun and distinct experience. Game mode excess is something we were a bit guilty of in Insurgency and Day of Infamy.

Firefight is a game mode with one life
Your team may only respawn once an objective is captured.

@DrAceMisanthrope That quote is old I’m pretty sure and they have said more recently that ambush was actually being added to the game just no time frame and it wasn’t on their top priority list even though I feel it should be. @Far-Seer And fire fight is ok but not a true one life game mode as you clearly just stated capturing an objective respawns your entire team therefore not a no respawn game mode lol. Just sayin...