Yes we can all agree its rough around the edges but the design, level layout even the brutality of the bots is great. I highly respect all of the little nuances to the gun play regarding how recoil is affected by what stance your in, if your leaning, being suppressed or if mortars are going of around you making your sights jump an shake around. Its got that high skill level for a reason, To challenge players to play with controlled aggression and not just go guns blazing like "COD style of games" A life is there to be valued not wasted! The team play it brings is a great addition too, Having a commander/assistant roles that can call down airstrikes is insanely cool an rewarding yet isn't overpowered because of it capped uses. Its quality of life improvements such as weapon loadouts remaining preset is awesome, having a vaulting system is great. So many more things i could add to this but I've praised it enough for now, Im gonna get back on the battle field and enjoy this for what what it is....A true battle field experience!