Increased Framerate and Gameplay GTX970 on 1440p at 60FPS

The following is what I have my setup configured to. I have an I7 processor, GTX970, 16g of ram, and an SSD. If anyone has any other suggestions or tricks they have found, please feel free to let us know. Again, when I start the game, it is always windowed, so then I switch to windowed/borderless, then to fullscreen and it works ok. For some reason I have to do it in that order for it to go fullscreen on 1440. Hope to see some of y'all in game. My IGN is Corley. CC

                  Nvidia Control Panel Settings:

Power Management Mode: Optimal

               Insurgency Video Settings:

Display Mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: 2560x1440 (Optional)

Vertical Sync: on

Field of View: 90

Resolution Scale: 100.00

Anti-Aliasing: High

Texture Quality: High

Effects Quality: Medium

Foliage Quality: Medium

Shadow Quality: Low

Post Processing Quality: High

                 Advanced Settings:

Motion Blur: Off

Foliage Interactions: Off

-useallavailablecores in steam launch options for this game may increase fps as well

@condrayack Can anybody explain me what "foliage interactions" mean?