Advanced Menu Glitches Controller to Keyboard

This is horrible when trying to use winch or pass ownership of logs the controller buttons switch to keyboard buttons back and forth non stop but on my other computer it doesn’t happen....... need help almost impossible to log or use winch.

Steam Controller on both systems...

I have the same problem on my computer with xbox 360 and xbox one controller, happening often in any situation that depends on the advanced menu. I found on a friend's notebook it works fine, no switching to keyboard controls there.

I did some testing, disconnecting mouse, keyboard, disabled usb controllers in the bios, reinstalled windows, nothing fixed the problem.

I just started noticing this on my MSi laptop after the most recent update, using the Steam Controller. I had no problems prior, it would be great to see this addressed or at least to find a workaround.

Still an issue would be nice to have an answer or attempted response, even with the newest patch which I had hoped would resolve the problem it did nothing.

Could it be a Windows update which has "broken" the game? Some of my fellow flight sim enthusiasts report having to roll back on updates, but that's usually down to a graphics adaptor update...

I don't think so because both systems are fully up to date on patches, both have identical hardware so why would one break and not the other.