Please can we have working mirrors? This isn't just about immersion, it's really difficult to thread a trailer through narrow twisty places without them and impossible to reverse one or even position to attach. Switching to external camera is not as fun (although the external shots are glorious) but more to the point I'm hopeless at any driving game in chase cam! IRL I can parallel park an artic (semi) but in GTA and Mudrunner I can barely reverse in a straight line because the camera confuses me.

Imagine pulling a trailer with a revovered vehicle on tow, which also has a trailer and watching the whole train weave and rock around in the mirrors. It's also save embarrassing moments when I don't realise I've lost something I thought I was towing!

They said they are working on it.

Don't need them for now anyway.Theres a lot more better things to add.Thats what I wish for anyway!

Hi there, @Smithers-1968!

This is something we're currently working on! You are currently able to look out the left window of the vehicle while you are reversing, however, which may help you while reversing.