Was release moved?

We know from official announcements that that are around from January that game has an estimated release date September 2018. It is in the steam and on the official website of the game. But yesterday in inlogs on Twiter and Facebook official pages https://twitter.com/BFG_Armada/status/1027896872147607552 https://www.facebook.com/329715587225814/posts/875252992672068/ we have "Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 comes to PC in 2018." So what this means? Was released moved to some unspecified date in 2018? It could be some minor oversight but in my experience Developers and Publishers are quite precise in the matter of dates.

Such a turn of events would not surprise me at all. The game is covered in a shroud of mystery and Developers and Publishers do not consider it appropriate to give any information about the game at all. Developers are not existing to the community and Publishers have nothing to say if you ask them and all on the eve of estimated by them release that should be preceded by beta for those who buy the game on preorder.

Such sneaky movement of the release is nothing new when you look on the other game that Focus Home Interactive has published. Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition had a release date late 2017 even in 2018 and nobody has judged it fit to give any information and explanation in the matter even after the facts.

steam still says September but with their lack of candor on anything i wouldn't be suprised if they put out a twitter post that says oooohhh our bad we ment september 2019....

I imagine they are working hard to stick to a September 2018 release but might have run into some complications as that happens in anything related to programming. One of several things could have happened for them to decide to shut down all release related announcements including some big issue that was discovered during the recent closed beta.

If they haven't moved the date and yet remain silent about new information most likely it's because pushing back the date is being considered but they are hoping to resolve any issues they found in time to prevent any delay in launch. Regardless I imagine that by the end of the month we'll either have an announcement that the release will be delayed or more videos and news about the upcoming launch.

Yeah, I don't know why they insist on the path of pissing off their fanbase. All it would take is a simple communication on their part to say "hey, we've fallen behind schedule because of a/b/c, and the new release date we're aiming for is x." Instead when I asked the same question in the beta thread, it got locked.

I'm currently watching Hex Entertainment circle the drain for having tried the same "silence at all costs" tactic, I've no idea why anyone would try the same nonsense.

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That is very unprofessional, ugh.

Why does everyone assume that the game is releasing on september 1st? Seriously you guys need to chill the fuck out.

@romeo Maybe they locked your thread because all you were doing was whining about the game being delayed (even tho they've not even said it is, so you're basically just whining for no reason) when the devs wanted constructive feedback on the game.

On Discord, Iyagovos said that they are still aiming at September. You can take what you want to form that.

He said that this week should be some information and information about the release will be "soon"

They announced that on Gamescom 2018 (21-25) https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/28018/focus-home-gamescom-2018-line-up only the journalist can check the game. "Commoners" can count on tractor ride in Farming Simulator 19 at best. Apparently Tindalos Interactive is making games for journalists now.

@Romeo could you clarify a little? I do not know if I should ask such question because it was closed beta after all but you ware picked to the closed beta and you make a topic asking why the developers are ignoring the community and they just blocked your topic without giving any answer or reason? Yes?

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@solaire no one said september first here i think the rub comes from how can they be this close just over a month if you are saying sept 31 and still have little to no information out about the game... its not a far jump to assume the game is being pushed back in this circumstance. Telling people to chill the fuck out when they have pre ordered a game and still have not received any information on said product they ordered is a pretty nonsensical. If i fell for this trap and spent my money on this product i would be flaming pissed as well but since i saw this coming and did not pre order it i just sit back and take my jabs at what is a horrible business practice! lol

side note if they didnt want people to think it was September 1st they could always say late september. No matter what way you look at it tindelos is clearly in the wrong here.

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So Iyagovos has said on Discord that to be honest he really wasn't promising anything and there will be nothing for peasants this week. Maybe because of GamesCom next week and it seems much more important to humor the Nobility of the game Industry then those who are paying for this whole mess.

@LynnKillian @Blexus Falconer @I am Alpharius @Xryzal @Ravensburg or whoever else there is from Tindalos Interactive. Maybe will you consider stepping down from the pedestal and say something about the game you are selling us? Or are we just unworthy of your time and only selected journalists may count on such a grace from you? Buy looking on your last login date it can be hard to do, such much do you care and on time with everything are you.

Anyone who has pre ordered this game should think a lite about such treatment and attitude towards their customers and consider if there isn't something he/she should do now.

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have fun missing the discount and beta! 😛

@ashardalon I do not know if you have notice but this discount and beta thing is available all way to the release. So, nothing will happen to you if you will buy the game at the moment when the beta will be finally available.

🤔 that seems like bad marketing
but one does have to wonder, considering that
why complain at all?

@solaire said in Was release moved?:

Why does everyone assume that the game is releasing on september 1st? Seriously you guys need to chill the fuck out.

Looks like someone does need to do just as you said. I didn't see anyone in here talking about September 1st and don't see anything wrong with what was said prior to this comment. People were justifiably concerned with knowing just a bit more info on the timeline for this game, something I would also like to see.

@Grey Seer, honestly if you haven't pre-ordered I see no reason at all for your level of rage. If you have pre-ordered I still see very little need for such rage toward a lack of information. If September comes and goes and you decide not to stick around and wait for more information Steam(or wherever you purchased from) will issue you a refund so that you can spend your money somewhere else.

I find the lack of information disheartening myself and only pre-ordered because the first BFG was tons of fun for me when it launched and there was a population to play against. Since the game [sadly] died off and I could never find matches anytime I attempted I inevitably uninstalled the game but look forward to another dozens of hours of playing once the game launches. I got my monies worth out of the first one and feel that a pre-order is deserved because of that, if they disappoint in this iteration then I will add the company to the ever-growing list of companies I won't purchase games from. I don't just stop pre-orders I stop purchases altogether if a company proves untrustworthy.

All in all I hope it is still September and that the beta opens up in the next week or two and we get to enjoy 4-5 weeks of beta time before the actual launch.

@alandauron I have not preordered. I seldom do. First BFG was an entertaining game but it had a number of flaws and it does it mean that we should buy the second one blindly.

I will tell you my story with the first game if you have a moment. The first game was on pre-order before any solid information was released. A similar situation to what we have now. And from the beginning, I was very critical about it and I was convincing people to not preorder or cancel it if they already did it. Despite this, I was chosen to the alpha test with was a big surprise to me, especially if you consider that the recruitment looked like this: Type your email and username on the forum. I did not expect this and even thanked the people who chose me, they made a very good impression on me. Particularly taking into account that I have a rather low opinion of developers and publishers and I do not hide it because of a few earlier adventures that I had with this lot. Then I was chosen to beta and after the release hand-picked (it was without any recruitment I think, they just send PM to those people they wanted) to the small, patch tester group. I think the only thing I wasn't was a forum moderator at that point. That gave me strong confidence in Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive and I was even wondering if I have found "humans" in this business. There ware some creaks too, like disregarding balance and I began to think that this whole information limbo was some sort of error and they will not repeat it, and they were quite communicative after the release and even when all was stagnant in the game Blexus Falconer popped out as community manager and he was quite respondent for a long while. Meantime my opinion of Focus Home Interactive dropped dramatically after a technical problem with Space Hulk: Deathwing with was acknowledged after a pretty long time and effort from my side and even then it has a tendency of disappearing and appearing in the known issue list. I was highly respondent to what support wanted me to do, I had about 120 mail exchange with developer and FHI's support which was often outright arrogant towards me, first time I encountered official support which does not reply to your emails. It took me a year and a half to get my money back. Maybe they bear a grudge because of that and I'm on the blacklist now, I don't know nor I care. Then there was the announcement of BFGA2. Maybe if there was not Deathwing on the way I would buy it right away but there was, so I decided to be wary. I wasn't chosen to alpha or beta, maybe pure bad luck maybe our adventure with the Deathwing or maybe something else. I admit that I was disappointed, especially for the beta, where there was talking to several hundred people. But I wasn't angry at anybody, even if there were some motives behind this. There was their independent decision and I respect that, you can't be angry about such things as close bata access. But you can be about how they are treating their customers. And we have the replay form the first game, plus. The release is announced on September. Games usually come out on Tuesdays how long there is to the last Tuesday of the September? What do we know about the game? When there was the last news? Where are developers? Now, I'm even glad that I was not chosen to thas tests, because those test changed my perspective during the similar process in case of the first game. The truth is that there are no developers nor anyone for the customers who are left in limbo, but they are for the journalists. I have friends who are working/have worked for developers and publishers and I know a little how such "media events" looks like, I can't be sure for 100% that it was so in this case but this is very likely. Those "journalists" that Tindalos received with such "excitement" were a hand-picked (with attendance list and passes) and highly dependent bunch that will do exactly what developer and publisher want. Excuse me but I won't be "super excited" about such "news".

Additionally, when the situation on the Discord turned out sour 10.08 Iyagovos jumped out with the news: "Hey, I understand some of the concerns here We're going to have news on this for you next week" bot when PainGod was going to hold him to that he swiftly added: "It's planned for then, at least". And what we have today 18.08? Another example of that how little they care about the customers. And Iyagovos arrogantly defending himself witch such words: "In fairness, I didn't promise news this week, I said I hoped to show you something, but that I could say it would be this week exactly". So, basically, someone has screwed up, most likely again in a row. Of course no "we are sorry" or other things that people do in such situations were needed, only "in reality, we didn't promise anything so you should not expect anything" if someone was counting that there will be some info after months of ignoring us and closed media event last week, so bad for him, this is how Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive treat their customers. There will be the next event next week, GamesCom 2018, but it will be closed too so maybe some bone will drop from the table for us but do not count for too much as our "friends" from the others side accustom us to. Ahhh, they are still aiming for September release, believe it or not.

How much disrespect are we to endure? We don't know whats happening there and they ask us to preorder the game? What are they giving in return for our trust? Mockery? Silence? Disrespect? Is it anything else needed? So I say do not preorder and if you did cancel it if you respect yourself, because they are showing time after time that they don't respect you. Numbers on the bank account is the only language that this industry apparently understands and respect.

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your life must be fascinating
atleast if you are a fan of soap operas

no disrespect meant
was seriously fun read if a bit too much drama for me

also im happy there was no apology and groveling
never apologize, nobody should ever do it

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Would be nice if it does drop in September. Focus do keep their cards close to their chest about these things. As for Tindalos, they are bound by the publisher, so they too have to play it close too.

This is one of a few games I've pre-ordered in my life, and I'll wait. See I'm old and used to waiting for things, never been in a rush and getting slower as I age. 🙂

In the time being I've other things to do, however I'm looking forward to setting the galaxy on fire. 😃

@grey-seer while I can understand your frustration with past events I still stand by my statement that "I see no reason for your level of rage". Not that you have no reason to be frustrated but just that your comments don't take into account any contractual restrictions the developers might have or a simple fact that the producer may not be investing in a media team in order to keep expenses down. Development of a game is a long and tedious process with many issues that can occur and everything is dependent on the talent of your development team. Some people could be on vacation, some might have found other jobs, etc.

Your frustration seems to be due to delays and not really anything related to a developer not delivering something they promised. Media prior to release is a relatively new thing in gaming, games used to be fully developed and the only media came in the form of demos that were released along with the full game for people to try them out. Some companies may not want to spend the money on media the way games like Destiny have. iirc Activision spent more on advertising than on the development of the release version of Destiny 1. That sort of thing is what gets me stirred up, trying to convince you to buy a game buy investing in media lies and exaggeration.

Tindalos, to my knowledge, hasn't done anything misleading so far and has instead simply remained quiet about different aspects of the game, I honestly don't mind that and think you're being extremely ridiculous in your posts talking about disrespect. Disrespect means something different than you seem to think.

EDIT: In regards to them making something available to journalists this may be the way they have been allowed to get some media coverage if there isn't a budget for advertising on the game.

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@ashardalon You can laugh and mock me as much as you want. It doesn't bother me.

@Alandauron Those restrictions that developer may have or not are the fruit of the deal between developer and publisher. If there is such agreement it means that both sites agreed to ignore customers who are paying them. Painting developers as some "victims" of the system is a missed shot because they agree to all of this. And how much would it cost to make a post on the forum once a week? With 2-3 screenshots maybe, even marked as work in progress. Maybe answer for a few questions? Such big money? Somehow they have resources for journalists (selectively picked ones as far as I know the game industry). Vacation, illness, fires... floods, hurricanes, whirlwinds, heats, snowstorms, strikes... And why should we care about such things when we do not know anything about it? They do not care about informing us about such events, if such took place, if they assumed from the beginning that we, simpletons, are not able to comprehend such situations.

What delays do you speak of? There are no delays for now as far as I'm aware of. We can doubt it or not but there is no delay to speak of. It is hard to estimate what they will deliver in relation with what they have promised because they did not promise that much and nothing recently and they are completely silent about anything form months. Maybe they haven't done anything "misleading". But What they have done at all? No information for months, the release is planned for the next month, people still do not know what they are exactly buying and everything is in the best order somehow?

Disrespectful for me is selling a game without informing what do you exactly selling, Ignoring customer's questions and concerns for months, bragging about inviting the "chosen ones" to events when the community is "starving" for any informationa, community manager who first finally give some hope for some information and after that he just says that there will be nothing and it is ok because he, in fact, have not promised anything, simpletons do not need any apology and explanation after that. And I doubt that this was his fault, probably he was misled by others but it only shows how much care the responsible people for the customer and I personally think that arrogance was not the best way out of this situation, even if the situation, he was in, was indeed unenviable.

And what this media event was any good for us, so those who will pay for this game? This will make media coverage, great. And ignoring the community will help in that in any way?

My main problem is that this game in on preorder and they do not give any information about it. It doesn't matter if I can choose to not buy it. It is available and it should mean something. If it wasn't in preorder I could have some worries and a little surprised but they would not pull anyone into their machinations and it would be somewhat fair. Preorders, and even more, early accesses are rot in this industry that allows selling pigs in pokes. Quality and thus customers are only losing on that, and crooks are gaining.

Yesterday I was talking with my friend who works for developers. And he says that he can't come with another branch that does such things as the game industry does and he would like to see some sort of regulations because there are none, for now, they do what they please. Releasing uncompleted products, why not? Deception and lies in the bright day, let's not talk about it. Treating customers like a nuisance, Why not? Fanboys will minimize the impact of those who do not agree to this and when you will invite "the right journalists" even the media will be in order. This industry will not change until we, the customers will not change.

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yay thats good news that i can laugh at you, you deserve it!

they live in France, not Atlantis
France is a pretty stable country, no floods, hurricanes, whirlwinds or snowstorms

and you should really closely rewatch the original reveal video and the valrak interview
most of the stuff is in there already, your just mad your not being spoon fed
claiming they dont give info about the game is just your ignorance, even the questions about the ui can be answered if you look at the facebook screenshots that made you go mental

seriously watch the reveal video, all the preorder info you could want is already show

and yay regulations! because governments are well informed about what gamers want
need to get another shooting blamed on games?

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