Map Legend

What would you think of an in game map legend and icons for trailers to know which players have certain loads. And those instances in random lobby’s when you carry a garage semi trailer across the map to find out the other player just unlocked the garage, meaning you’d have wasted a trip. I think a simple icion to show what the player has on they’re rig so you can plan accordingly. Thank you.

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This would actually be a nice feature cause when I’m bored and decide to actually get on Spintires I hop in a random multiplayer lobby and I don’t know what people have or are doing so I go “oh look there’s a garage that needs to be unlocked” and I get my rig setup for the trip and then someone unlocked it but i didn’t know what they’re carrying or anything it would be a easy and meat feature they should definitely look into that

this would be a nice feature. right now about the only thing to do is ask in chat what is needed to be done or where they might need me. unless the other players decide to be a bunch of Helen Kellers, which does happen from time to time.

I think it sort of works already, isn't it?
While in MAP mode you point your cursor on some truck, it shows "can carry ..." or "carry xy litres of fuel" or such.
Maybe it works just in SP...
But still, you can talk to each other while MP 😃