Having been an avid Insurgency fan, I was watching feeds about Sandstorm yesterday. Came across Levelcap's impressions and the first 10 seconds in and I come across this...0_1533912339963_rpgfail.PNG
This is not what RPG-7s look like before they go into the launcher; this is what they look like after they've been fired.
As a veteran with time in Iraq and Afghanistan, and my MOS was EOD; I had quite a lot of hands on time with this weapon system. And this game is going for glaring realism right? So I felt the need to sign up to the forums just to let you know this big inaccuracy; in hopes that yall fix it. Shouldn't be difficult.

This is what the rocket should look like: 0_1533912479727_RPG-7V_rocket_propelled_grenade_launcher_Russia_Russian_army_defence_industry_military_technology_001.jpg
You see those green tubes on the back where the fins should be? Those are the propellant charges that launch the rocket out of the tube. Here is a cutaway: 0_1533912532747_RPG-7_ammo.jpg
I think it is more important for the aesthetics of accuracy then doing exactly how Call of Duty did: 0_1533912752955_Codmwr_RPG-7_reloading_1.jpg

Thank you.
If you guys need a military expert to avoid these kind of faux pas, I am available for hire.