My Experience So Far - Not Playable | Optimization + Netcode Issues? (Videos Added)

I'm getting 10 fps MAX with an R9 285 gpu (3gb vram), 8gb of system memory and an i5 4670K processor.

I set EVERYTHING on low (texture scale is set to 35 % !!! - minecraft mode)

I also get 140 to 800 ping in servers (EU). My internet is %100 fine.

I exit Sandstorm and go to INS Source and enable net_graph 3 - my ping is 50 to EU servers with no packet loss whatsoever. I exit source and run Sandstorm immediately after checking, same thing.

This is unplayable right now, can't do any testing for the Beta. Can't even move 1 step in-game.

Also for some reason this ping is tied to FPS because I'll get 1-5 fps while I'm lagging under 700ping. Textures will keep loading for almost 3-5 minutes when I enter a server. Meanwhile in the menu I'm getting 100+ FPS.

The game just crashes after about 10 minutes of this and I'll need another 1-2 minutes for my PC to get back to "normal" after exiting the game. It also takes FOREVER to alt+tab back in.

I don't think this is an issue on my part. I was in the closed technical alpha and game was performing way better than this. Please note even then it wasn't performing "well" by any means and I had all of these exact problems albeit with smaller impact. It seems they have since been "amplified" in the Beta.

When I'm able to get in a server:
Youtube Video

When I'm trying to get in a server:
Youtube Video

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