Dear dev's and players,

here is my own opinion about Insurgency Sandstorm:

I also played the alpha and I can say, that you improved the game in a short time. For example the scopes show the vision now clear and sharp. In the alpha you just saw pixels through them. There is still a lot to improve, but the game really looks promising. Sure there are animations, that needs to be improve, characters needs to get a better bodysize (more propotional) and many bugs needs to get fixed.

For me the biggest problem is the performance. Here is my rig:

  • I7 4790K 4x4 GHZ
  • Inno3D ichill X4 GTX 1070
  • 16 GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-RAM
  • 1 TB SSD

This should be powerfull enough to perform this game at maximum details, but even on lowest settings I experience framerates from 44-50 in action zones and 80-100 fps in chilled zones. This also depends on which map is loaded.

Pro-argument is the fantastic sounddesign. Here you really did a great job.

Also I think the large scaled maps are pretty good, but i also would suggest you to create maps with not so much possible ways to move. For my personal taste the new maps are a bit too much labyrinth for me. This makes the game a bit confusing and you get killed by every edge.

Please don't kill me for my next idea, but I really miss Team-Deathmatch and Deathmatch. Also you can think about a battle-royal mode. With adding these 3 game modes you would release a "full package" of an addicting hardcore shooter.


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