GTX 1060 Gaming X 6GB
I5 6600k 8GB Ram

Getting 40 fps on the lowest graphics seriously... i get its the beta but fucking hell... stutters too ALOT of stuttering plus the game looks like shit unloaded textures etc...

Also tried to refund the game but couldnt because i bought the game a couple of weeks ago sooo i cant refund it on steam, but it is beta and hopefully the game will be way more optimized then it is now

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Second this.

GTX 1080Ti
i7 8700
16gb 3600mhz Ram

Have 2 put everything on low except for AA and Textures 2 make the game run somewhat decent.
Still feels abit sluggish and stuttery. think i have 80-120fps.
Why cant any new games feel and flow like BF,Cod,Cs etc optimization wise?
Im so tired of this sluggish feeling in games over the years like Arma, Pubg,Tarkov.
With those games you understand the huge player count and big maps might be hard on the CP but this game
aint at all on the same scale. Optimization has 2 be done...

If that gets fixed i can see this game becoming a REALLY good shooter that will snatch alot of players from
all the big titles running atm

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If this game is going to be launch ready the optimization needs to improve! Seems like no matter the hardware this is a common issue all players share.

horrible graphics and glitchy. i was playing sof2 yesterday its 20 years old and is smoother than this :(. was so looking forward to this game. hope it improves