The community is unrestrained and this encourage being toxic

Hi, hear me out on that one.
I've played on many different type of games and big competitive multiplayer games like this one usually tends to have a toxic community, especially mainstream ones like CoD and Battlefield. Game that are more oriented with small multiplayer like coop games tend to have better communities that tries to be friendly and make the game better.

Insurgency used to be the first type with the community of the second type. With Insurgency Sandstorm, I haven't played one game without a level of toxicity going from 4 to 8 from fellow players. Hell, I've also tried it and I found that the main drive of being toxic is the game absolute lack of restraint on the players. We can spam the Mic, the chat, the commands. We can even team kill and injure teammates without repercussion as long as we don't cross the 3 TK per game.

I think for the sake of the game and it's player base, we need to have tools to curb this trend. As time will go by and more player falls victim to trolls and toxic players, they'll become one out of revenge. And once they realize the game doesn't discourage you from being toxic and that other players are powerless against them, why would they stop?

What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to hear another opinion on this subject!

I think the game has much bigger problems atm than toxicity. Also it's a closed beta, ofc people don't take it too serious and fool around every chance they get. Make no mistake, it's not insignificant, but let's focus on optimization and bug fixing right now, and address this a bit later, once the technical aspects of the game are at least half decent.

@Best Waifu
You wrote absolutely right ! Agree 100 %
We need a working voting system to kick out players who teamkill intentionally and also people who are AFK which is in aprox. 30 % of the games i played.
Always the same situation : the whole team dies in firefights and the AFK guy is still standing on spawn. Everybody has to wait 3-4 minutes until match is lost.

And we need a punishment system for trigger happy guys who instantly shoot everything that moves around them which give out warnings and kicks teamkillers ( by democratic voting )
for example : Message for everyone : Player XYZ teamkilled 3 times in this round ! Do you want him to be kicked and temporary banned ? --> Vote with Yes or No
And we need a ban system for continuos Teamkillers ( for the server admins only ).

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