What happened with camera?

I mean, I know lot of ppl were b1tching about it but why did you removed old settings??? I loved how it worked , side view was amazing and now it feel so wrong. Why cannot we choose which settings are better for us? This change is worse for me and another players. You can say that I can adjust camera just like the old one, but it's not the same. Please bring old cam back, and give us the choice which one we want to use. (I am on ps4 system)

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Im not sure what you mean. In pc there is a setting to switch between the new and the old one, and the old one works exactly the same as it used to be.

Settings->centered camera
Or something like that. That is option you are looking for, it enables you to switch back to "legacy" mode, if you are not happy with new one.

This is correct. On all platforms, by clicking "Use centered camera" and disabling it, you will be able to change back to the old camera.

I think he might be talking about the horrible tilt cam that seemed to be for only a short period of time.

OMG, I have not noticed.. Thank you for this info. I feel so much better now 😉