To put it in a nutshell:

  • Strong FPS / Performance problems
  • insert Tutorial possibility. (Learning to climb, enter doors, drive a car, etc ..)
  • insert singleplayer possibilities (compare: Insurgency)
  • insert more languages (example: English, German) IMPORTANT.
  • graphic errors / color errors in the face of the character (forehead, eyebrows,
    Cheeks, neck)
  • Facial Hair does not look natural. (Delayed movements and looks like it's
  • better choice of the gender of the figure / character
  • More transparent weapon system. (Weapon should be displayed larger in order to
    recognize which visir is better, etc. Similar to Insurgeny.)

But there were also many good ideas and improvements introduced. In addition, there are many cool features that are similar to those at Day of Infamy.

Keep going 🙂
but maybe with some fixes.