Hey xD this post is mianly directed to NWI.

So, basically, i am great fan of Insurgency and DoI and i felt in love with Ins: Sandstorm right when it was announced, and i wasn't disapointed, Beta is good, i won't judge performance and some hit reg issues because, it's Beta and it's obvious but, i want to point 3 things that i would like/love to see in final release, like:

  1. Throwing grenade spoon without having to click it, what i mean by that, in DoI and Ins. there was system that was making you able to cook grenade right after holding left mouse button because you throw pin and spoon right away, however in Sandstorm there's no option to do such thing, you have to hold left mouse and click right, i know it's stupid but, i would prefer that old system, where you could choose if you want to cook grenade right away or just hold it "uncooked" in your hands without having to click other buttons.

  2. 5,56 and 5,45 weapons, these weapons are having way too big recoil, what i mean is that G3 which is 7,62x51 has less recoil than AK-74 or AR-15 family, this thing needs to be repaired or improved, because i can't stand that G36 has bigger recoil than 7,62 rifle.

  3. Change character models, maybe i am to cocky about it and these current characters are just placeholders, but i don't feel like i am playing soldier or something, there's no enough of equipment on it, only kevlar vest and tactical rig, not many things, but it's just mine personal and honest opinion, i would like to see more details on character uniforms.

So yeah, would be nice if NWI actually read this and would take mine suggestions into count xD