XML file placement?

when installing a 3rd party truck(non-workshop). most come with the standard files AND a XML file.. Where do i put the XML file??
do i need it? any help is always greatly appreciated.

Hello Pirate. The XML file would go into Media.rar - classes - trucks. I'm sure you could use JSGME for it.

Why do you have a non-workshop truck? art thou a pirate?

I guess I'm a pirate too then because I've gotten mods from VK.com that aren't in the workshop. lol I'd also like to point out that Spun and Brute and them, as well as others, have posted their mods on Spintires.nl, as well as the WS. So does using them mods consider someone a pirate as well? I understan the idea of these sites but just because someone uses them doesn't always mean what the narrative suggests.

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umm, i don't think that i'm a pirate.. i get maps, and one or two cool looking trucks that are not on the workshop (just about every truck mod, is on the workshop though). why, is it not cool to use these trucks? i get them on the mudrunnermods page. it does seem like, most of the trucks are just copied from the workshop?
plus, most of the time the trucks don't have any color, they are white outlines kinda..
i think that i will not get anymore trucks from there, i don't like the sound of being a pirate.
thank you kent bobo and tattoo Rufus

You're welcome, but there's nothing wrong with using mods from them sites. You paid for the game, right? I have no idea why Kent would be calling you a pirate for that. I think that was uncalled for. The people that run those site host mods without permission. Hein did the same thing to me when he posted stuff I made on .nl without my permission. So there's a double standard here. It's ok for Hein to do it but when someone else does it, it's not right? Well you can imagine what I say to that.

As far as white parts of a mod, I see that on workshop mods too. It's probably because there was a change in the code that the modder didn't notice. It's not because it came off on that site.