Fatal Error In Ranked

Game 1 Chaos vs Tau Cruiser Clash.

I'd just hit the hot key for all ahead full when this happened:
alt text

Hello Bosie,

Did you receive a more detailed error message than the one on the screenshot? Have you noticed a specific pattern?

Did you try anything to fix the issue? Did it happen again the following days?

At first, I'd recommend to lower your graphic settings and to ensure nothing more than BFG: A is running in the background.

Let us know if it happens again.

Just that night I had issues. I'm running an i7 with a GTX 1080 Ti.

Is there some sort of memory leak that occurs under certain conditions, as I don't want to turn the pretties off!

Looks like I cursed myself:
alt text

Do you have 2 hard drives by any chance? One with the game and the other with your OS?

If so, I'd check the page file setting:

1.) Press the Windows key + X. Select "System" from the pop up menu.
2.) Select "System information."
3.) On the left, select "Advanced system settings."
4.) Select the "Advanced" tab and press the "Settings" button under "Performance."
5.) Select "Advanced" tab again and press the "Change" button under "Virtual Memory."
6.) Select the drive the game is installed on and either manually set the values for the paging file or let Windows manage it.

Let us know if there's any improvement.

Yeah. I run BFG on a different SSD to my OS.

I've set all my drives to let Windows manage it. I'll let you know if it happens again. Cheers for the help.

Just got one in ranked:
alt text

I dropped a position in the ladder due to that "Win" above...