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Lately I’ve been looking at all these discussions and comments made for the console version of ST Mudrunner. Their yelling “Mod support! Mod support mod support! Some are a bit mad and disappointed. I’m slowly getting to the disappointed side because the lack of Content in the game on console. I love this game and no hate but I don’t want to see this console version of the game die off like the last one. It’s like the devs can rely on The modders for pc and deal with console as a priority. Console need content fairly soon and I know you guys are making content for the game as we know and it hasn’t been officially announced of what it’ll be because it can get pushed back or etc..
but we need truth
Will console mods really ever be a thing and don’t lie cause there’s no point. At least say that Dlc will be worked on fairly often and not drop a mod or vehicle every 3 months I mean every month have some sort of content pack if there’s no mod support anyways I’m out and For new ST Mudrunner players enjoy it while it last

Hi, thanks for your message. As explained in your other threads, we're aware of the need for more content, especially on consoles, and we are working hard on it.

Please don't multi post the same request everywhere though. We read everything posted in the forum already, and we answered to your post yesterday. Your request is clear, it doesn't help to post it ten times. Thanks!

@netheos Just make a separate section on the forum for console users . Also a section for screenshots and videos would be nice 😉

this was (kind of) brought up just before release, but i think it has been forgotten about.

Forum features and sections.