Insurgency: Sandstorm:Very poor Optimization

My hardware: AMD A10-Radeon R7, GTX 750 Ti, DDR3(8GIG)
in game fps 20-30 on any graphics settings hear me do the optimization Please.

GTX 1060 MSI Gaming X 6GB i5 6600k 8GB ram

In game i stutter continously nonstop lag everytime i take a step and its annoying i feel for you bro


AMD A10 - wtf?! You are acutally playing on this? But then again, my hardware is like 5 times better than yours and I can't get over 25 - 38 fps. (i5 7300hq; gtx1050ti)

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I have a GTX 1080 overclocked and i can hardly get over 30 fps.
When there is a close battle going on i get average 15 fps wich is not good at all.
And this is with the settings on low and medium.

Well, good you guys mentioned your specs...Thank You. I've played SS about an hour or so...and I'll start with my spec's: I7 4790K @4.8ghz....GTX 770 w4gig of vram...16 gig of 2400 RAM...Win7 Pro...ISP at 100 down and 8 up.

Low FPS and glitchy play on this end too. Was around 30 FPS + or - 10 FPS here and there. I went back into settings, gritted my teeth, turned every thing down to 'Low'....then played about 15 mins and FPS had gone up to middle 50's low 60's and game was then playable....not bragging playable, but do able.

I never got more than 15 mins of playtime without game crashing. I did notice, that in the Insurgency 2014, my cpu useage has always been around 84% and gpu core load useage at 99%. In Sandstorm, Cpu at 54% and Gpu core load at 100% and what struck me as really interesting was GPU memory useage was at 99.9%. I never used more than 60% of my gpu memory in Insurgency.

I would sure be interested if somebody running a 1080Ti on a I7 overclocked could/would report their experiences...?

"I would sure be interested if somebody running a 1080Ti on a I7 overclocked could/would report their experiences...?"

I'm running a 1080Ti and an i7 Coffee Lake and I can say that I'm sitting at around 30-40 FPS with everything on max with disabled motion blur. With Shadows on Medium and AA on Medium it's around 50-80 FPS, do note that I'm running it on a 3440x1440 resolution though.

@pudfark I have an overclocked GTX 1080 and i am running low and medium settings.
I am running average 20-30 fps, althoug when there is a close battle it drops to 10 fps.
Also like you mentioned i am noticing some glitches where enemies are rendered in rocks or walls.

I'm 110% sure my CPU is bottle necking my GPU but god damn 27-47 fps is not good. That's on very high settings, on all low I get 30-50 fps. considering refunding, but I do know that they haven't optimized the game fully yet.

GTX 1060 6gb
i5-4460 3.2 ghz turbo boost ups to 3.4ghz
16gb ddr3 ram
1080p 75hz

i'm on a 5 grand machine and my game runs like crap too. ryzen 1800x and 1080 ti

Hardware is in ddr3 so what u should add 8Giga ddr3 it is good also, if u have drops fps this is not an hardware upgrade will resolve, u may reinforce ur position on the network by creating a proxi with linux to feed stability on a second computer it can be a raspberry PI3 like and to just be sure this second pc is visible in ur windows. even u can optimise lot of threads this like the PI3 has some good software support with remediation chances.

I know my computer is a little bit out of date, but at the same time I run other games that use UE4 engine and manage to easily crank out 80+ fps on Medium-High settings. I know likely the problem is I am being bottle necked with my gpu, but I really cannot afford and upgrade right now.

My specs:
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3gb (which is somewhat out of date for sure)
i7-7700 cpiu @ 3.6 ghz (8 cores)
Then I have only 8 gigs of ram, but that should be enough for playable frames with this game.

To summarize; while my gpu is slightly out of date, this game runs poorly on my system. Hopefully they have optimized the game by release, or I will likely request a refund.


Hey buddy i have different experiences than you have.

In Insurgency (2014) i mostly have 120-135 FPS in average with all graphics settings on high ( maximum ) !
In Insurgency : Sandstorm every graphic setting is reduced to minimum ( low ) and i only reach 58- 65 FPS in average.
After that i tried any of the possible graphic settings to get a better better picture quality, bacause when everything is set on low the quality really is bad.
Now i play with 55-60 FPS in average but it´s not comparable to Insurgency (2014) which is still my favourite First Person Shooter with all the available mods and beautifull custom maps.

I am running MSI Afterburner as a monitoring tool in the backround and it tells me that during game my

  • CPU load is at 50 % while my
  • GPU load is at 25 % which is ridiculous ! ( why is this game not pulling more GPU load ?? )
    And those numbers are not peeks or lows .. they are consistent during whole gameplay !

I have an older Generation Intel Core i7-920 Processor running @ 3900 Mhz and 12 GB ( DDR 3) RAM
My Graphics Card is a MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Ti which is absolutely top class.
Game is installed on 512 GB SSD Samsung Pro series ... loading times are o.k.
But still i dont really have the feeling that this game runs smooth.

In comparison : Ghost Recon Wildlands, which is a gigantic open world ( with so many moving vehicles and civilians running around ) runs with every graphics setting on maximum (ultra) 70-80 FPS which feels much smoother than this game with its relatively smal maps.

What i am really missing is the fluidness of Insurgency 2014.
If the developers dont hear what we ( the customers ) give on feedback this game will be lost and will not succeed.

I really like the game concept and want it to be succesfull on the market but if they dont optimize the graphics performance in the final release, i am not going to play it
.. i will try the final release in september and if its still the same i am going to apply for a refund !

Best regards,

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I get anywhere from 60 to 30 fps and constant stuttering in sandstorm. when I try playing a game like Rising Storm 2 Vietnam i get 40 to 80 fps and it runs very smoothly and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam has large maps lots of people and lots of foliage and is also on the unreal engine. i have a Gtx 960 4GB and a i5 6500 3.2 GHz quad core and 8GB of ddr4 ram. The devs really need to fix performance before release or else there will be alot of unhappy customers who want their money back.

Here are some screenshots :

ingame screenshot while spectating

post match screen

start screen

CPU and GPU are not under full load during gameplay ( only 50 % CPU load AND only 22 % GPU load MAXIMUM ) !
But why does the game NOT use the rest of the GPU and CPU resources during gameplay ????
The GPU has 50 % percent load in start screen and post match screen which produce 199 fps on a static screen ( left top corner : green number shows FPS )

With MAXIMUM load ( 99-100 % ) on CPU and GPU this game could hit the 120 FPS mark easily ( with an GTX 1080 Ti and a Core i7 processor ( just my thoughts ))
I cannot understand the programmers decision to cut the processing power off in an open beta where almost everyone is very unsatisfied with the performance of the graphics.

At this stage of the Beta version : no fluid moving possible !


Comon developers !
You can´t let people play in an open beta with such bad performance issues !

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I'm so excited about this game, but I will not buy it until they're optimized.
I have i5 3340, GTX 750 TI, 8 GB DDR3.
I expect at least 40-50 fps on low.
You've made a good game and I hope you will optimize it well.

My graphic may not be good, but it has to run this game without stuttering (low sett.)

Thanks !

Each person here needs to open a new thread about their problems, that would draw more attention (:

That actually was the first thread on optimization issues after the beta came out so please check your facts zapatista ...

Ryzen 3 1300X with a GTX 960 and I get a solid 60-70 fps with drops during heavy gun runs and artillery strikes or a drop to 40 when I'm scoped into any sort of powered scope. All my settings are on high besides shadows and foliage, which are on low.

Make sure yall have done the Nvidia control panel fix that should really help with the fps and the stuttering and also there's a launch parameter "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES" that has helped some people, though I can't really say what it's done for me since the patch also came out.

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What is the Nvidia Control Panel fix? Can you give us a link to the thread?

@banani2804 well I can't post a link to the thread since it was in the Alpha, but I'll copy the steps. This is not my discovery, credit goes to doubletapdan.

"For all Nvidia users go to Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - Add Program - Insurgency Sandstorm (If not in drop-down list, search for it under steam apps/common, files) under features 'Threaded optimization' turn on. Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance!"