McPhersons Bug

I am currently trapped in the family portraits mission. I have been unable to beat the Mcphersons and when trying to leave so I can level up at a rest area, the skals outside have respawned. As soon as the door opens they react and I cannot jump on the ledge because I cannot get out of battle mode. This is very frustrating as I have put so many hours into the game already and things were great so far. Because of autosave I cannot simply reload and quit that mission. Has anyone been able to figure out how to get out of this?

Hi there,

I don't believe this is a bug, but instead just a frustrating occurance. Are you able to fight your way through the Skals?

I was able to the first time in order to get to the mcphersons. They were tough but I was able to take them out first try. However, I have been unable to beat them since. That is going to be my goal today in hopes I can escape the house and level up before returning.

I did it! Turned out all I needed was a clear head, uncramped hands, and close observation of their attack strategies. I went out and killed the skals in the courtyard first, didnt realize I could exit through the gate (thought I had to leave through the balcony I entered from), so I tackled the mcphersons carefully and triumphed! Then found the gate as I found out I still couldnt leave through the balcony. I also got the letter from their house so I shouldn’t ever have to come back to this spot again! XD

If anyone else struggling is reading this, I used a 2 handed weapon that stuns while doing damage, so I could heal through getting their blood. I did careful one hit then dodges, closely watching their attack timing (both courtyard skals and mcphersons).

Congratulations!! I'm glad you were able to do it 🙂