1 life gamemode after release?

I want to pre-order this game, but since 02 I've only played search and destroy type gamemodes. Can we expect this gamemode a few months after release?

There will be new game mode coming to Sandstorm as part of the post-content update. Sometimes within a few month after the game officially launch.

@cream-cheese They mention it on a recent blog before E3 press conference. Similar to the post-launched update we usually get for Day of Infamy and Insurgency.

You always could pre-order the game and if the modes aren't included or if you just don't like the feel of the game, you could always use the refund option. Hopefully you won't need to use that but it is a option.

@ldclaudius sounds like you're talking about Outpost and Operation. To the best of my knowledge, Outpost isn't one life and Operation, assuming it follows suit with every other co-op mode, most likely won't be one life either.

One life gamemode isn't going to be on release. They have stated they might consider it on numererous occasions. I'm just wondering if they will add it or not.

The only game mode that many players we're requesting is Ambush, AFAIK.

With that said, I'm open for new idea on what game mode I want to see for Sandstorm.

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Until they state one life mode is coming, I cant buy. If they would commit and say a few months after relase, Id buy it right now.