A small suggestion for two features I think would like is
1.) A toggle in the settings for 1st person head wobble(for imersion) off by default.
2.) A silly suggestion, but a toggle setting to turn off auto handbrake upon leaving the pause menu.
Thank you!

No.Everything is great I think.Could just add some quick-button shoutouts like - I'm Stuck,Need Fuel, Need Help etc. Thank's!

Hi There

  1. Mirrors. Discussed in another topic
  2. Steering the towed truck like spintires before
  3. Bugy gripper button on screen (disappears sometimes) in the pc version
  4. Editable controller buttons
  5. Filling the add-on tanks from a truck. Not only in the fuel station
  6. ...
  7. A small airplane? Rc-models? Just kidding! 😉

Over all I like the game and the new features:

  • Love the red lines to see the water depth!
  • Look back from window while revering is cool -> mirrors (y, I now: u working on it)
  • Trees laying around are now physical. Not longer the ‚extreme hard‘ obstacles then in the game before. Great!
  • New gear shift layout makes sense
  • Manual loading is easier because the wood gives more room for error while klick to green

а будет уаз 452

would be nice to get the force accel (cruise control) feature fully working correctly for all control types.

FA/CC no brakes

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