(Xbox One) Carbon Cat boss not spawned in his arena

As the title states, I'm on NG++++ and this is my second run of A Walk in the Park, and I drop down into the arena to fight Carbon Cat and he is gone. His health bar is their, the battle music is playing but the boss himself is no where to be seen.

Holding LB+RB+LT+RT+Menu+Start does nothing saying I cannot use this here and I'm now trapped in the arena.

Hi there,

Have you played since the update was released earlier today? If so, was this issue still there?

The kill switch is LB+LT+RT+RB+LS+RS, too. Could you try that?

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Thought the Killswitch was the triggers and bumpers + the menu and start buttons, so that's a start lol. Also yes this is after today's most recent update.

Update: Well killing myself diffidently worked in getting me unstuck lol

He spawned the second time around.