Randomly Generated A B C D E

Is it possible to make a game mode that randomly generates A B C D E ?

I am kind of tired of playing Push over and over again.

We have been playing the same set of game modes since 2014.

We need some new game modes that make this game more unpredictable , more dynamic and less repetitive.

New Game Mode #1

  • 1~5 capture points are randomly generated on the map.

  • Each team must secure the randomly generated capture points.

  • Holding the capture points increases team score.

  • After 2 minutes, a new set of 1~5 capture points are randomly generated on the map.

  • The new set of capture points do not increase score for the first 10 seconds. ( So that you do not have advantage even if the capture point is generated right under your feet. )

New Game Mode #2

  • Airplanes randomly drop 1~5 supply crates on the map.

  • The supply crates are not marked on the map.

  • Opening the supply crates increases team score and gives you ammo.

  • After 2 minutes, the airplanes drop supply crates again.

I like the first idea.