Snow in Mudrunner

I think the snow would look good in the game. It would change the gameplay (the vehicles would have less traction, they would slip etc).If you have an idea, you can write it down.

It would be nice if there was a poll on the forum, here and steam, where we could vote which things we want the most in the game. I am looking forward to tracked vehicles (like bulldozer which could remove mud and obstacles), weather, snow, other seasons (summer, spring). I would also like to see a more realistic simulation of the engine, gearbox etc and a complex damage system in the future. It would also be nice if the possibility of cutting trees was added.

@knight25 why not a poll in the main meny when you start the game.

There is no need for snow now at this point.Could get some next Christmas.That would be bang on.First things- first 😉

Screw the weather, this game needs more vehicles and maps or there will be no one left playing. Thank God I have this game now for pic or I would have never touched it again on console. No mods for console, DLC is the only fix. GTA DLC 😳