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Since Spintires: MudRunner does not support multiple slots for multiplayer save, and it's not easy to pass a level at a time - we often postpone the completing for an indefinite period. At the next multiplayer session, we can accidentally wipe our file (which we would like to continue later). Of course, you can manually save this file, but I'm too lazy for this 😃
So I made a small utility for creating backups of the save. clap-clap-clap

At first start it will automatically install your language (well, I hope so). If not, select it in the lower right corner.
For the correct operation of the program, you must specify the folder where the _multiplayer.sts file is located (Default: c:\Users\ %username%\AppData\Roaming\Spintires MudRunner\User Saves).
To create a backup copy of the file, click the "Backup" button - if the file exists the following window will open:

In the “Level Name” field, write down the Map name on which you played.
In the “Comment”, write anything you like (for example, with whom you played).
Pressing “from file” button set in date box time last access to file _multiplayer.sts (time&date of last saving).
All fields are filled manually because no usefull information is available from the save file (cause it’s encrypted).
Then click “Backup” button.

In order to load save file from the backup, you need to do the folowing:
Important: Before you restore a save file from a backup, you need to create a multiplayer game with the Map that you want to restore from the backup. Then you need exit to Main menu, open program, double-click on map in the list and in the window that appears, click “Restore from a copy”. After that the game can be continued through the Multiplayer menu as usual.

I would be gratefull for the feedback

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Hey! Looks great! Thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks for this @Dvoryaninoff - really appreciate you putting this together! Have a great day!