A3151 is worse than the 469

This has been talked about in this forum in several posts but here is my formal fix request. It is a very weak vehicle, even worse than the 469, but supposedly it should do better because, at least, the wider tires, yet it gets stuck like hell and lacks power.

Here is a topic where people talk about it:

I remember in the old spintires that due to how weight was handled, a truck with wheels set as light would sink much more than a truck with wheels set, for example, as super heavy, even tho all the rest of the stats where the same, and it caused some conflict, which reminds me of this case, but im not sure if it is.

Please fix it, or the tires bug or whatever it is the problem

True that. I have noticed this too. I was really hyped to get it unlocked, but only use it as start vehicle if requested in multiplayer.

Someone from the focus once said that they read all entries on the forum. But work on the game is so slow that half a year after the premiere nothing really big has been added to the game. There are still a lot of bugs and problems, not to mention the players requests and ideas, but it seems that there are too few people working on the game. Look at the number of players,
the mudrunner is still losing players and the numbers are same as the old game, and the mudrunner was supposed to be the ultimate next gen version. I would not be surprised if they released the mudrunner 2 in december 2018, this time with snow :p

wow, same numbers as the old spintires, thats some heavy stuff...

btw i tested what i said about the tires, and yes, they work that way. the A3151, just changing the tires from light to superheavy, it almost doesnt get stuck in the mud at all.