Winter maps? New trucks? Weather?

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Have you ever wondered if there will be any winter maps with icy mountain paths and large ice crossings over water? Because I have and the thought of awesome ice crossings where the ice can actually break under the vehicle you’re driving is pretty cool (ice physics), maybe a few weather features and new trucks for the game to go with the update too. All I’m doing in this article is passing around possible ideas that I hope the developer may see. Thanks for reading 🙂

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It's not something we currently have planned, but I wouldn't say it's impossible.

U will find weather mod and winder edition for spintires in the net... made by draconus

@ewgenij84 said in Winter maps? New trucks? Weather?:

U will find weather mod and winder edition for spintires in the net... made by draconus

Yes, we know draconus is the best. 🙄

Yes he is the best.... would the devs just work with him together we had maybe all that stuff done... but why dont use so long the weather mod?

Or is there someone else who try to make the game so good as possibale? He and Tepmler did more than enough for both games...

please use all the mods of draconus or go back to your "draconus shrine" but stop talking about him. he left the forum and that´s it.

YEAH...Facts always hurt... want just say that is possible to get that what the People talking about.... or u really thought that the devs are bringing that features? That cost time... time is Money.... so MR USA is coming.... nothing more

Enjoying weather and winter mod.... new Trucks? Are there not enough mods? So many people conplain about the ingame trucks... so use mods... there so much Better ones out there... mr is like st... dead without community

that´s also my opinion. without the modders the game would be dead since months.
But some modders out there are thinking they are god and the developers should follow there rules. But it´s there game an not the one from any modder out there.

When he want´s to work with the DevTeam then he should go there and do a job interview. But complaining on the forum that his version is so much better then from the Devs is just childish and that´s why he get no respect from me.
The work is good form him no question but his appearance on the forum is just not acceptable.

And you are follow the same direction like him.

Und jetzt weiter viel Spaß im Matsch.

I have no diriction.... i not a modder.... i only have my opinion....

But u right.... lets have fun in mud....