Any advice?

I'm on the first map, the bog, which I am assuming is meant to be the easiest map in the game.

I have picked up logs at the log station and attempted to deliver them to the mill FOUR times already and EVERY path I have taken to get to the mill has resulted in me rolling my truck and losing my load when I am probably less than 50m away.

I have been playing this game for over 5 hours and haven't even gotten 1 log point out of the 8 that I need to advance.

I started with medium logs the first 2 times, and short logs the last 2 times.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong because I will never play this game again if this happens a 5th time.

Thank you!

I dont understand how you managed to roll over so many times -.-

I recommend you to follow the roads. It takes longer, but they are more a sure thing, specially in in this map, because in here the plains in the middle area are a death trap of mud.

If possible, take a small scout vehicle through the route you plan to take with your log load so you can make mental notes about certain sections that may be problematic for larger/longer trucks...
You may have to change your intended route altogether to avoid those sections...
Slow and steady wins this "race" so if your loaded truck looks like it's going to tip, you can try tethering a winch line to the high side and then to a tree and winch in as you drive forward to keep it from toppling over completely... 🙂

Go with two trucks. If you roll over winch the truck back up and recollect logs. But you'll have to learn to be more careful. But don't worry bog is not the easiest map. They are all easy 😛

@sodoma well i think experience with the game does have some affect. i will have to agree with Dr.Station. i have played since the release of the original and will have to say that while the maps are not exactly an easy walk in the park. they really are not all that hard either. that is one of the things i have liked about this game, up to a point it is only as hard as you make it.

will also agree with Mexi, slow and steady is the way to go, unless you are doing some sort of timed challenge or something.

In general, yes. Stock maps are not super difficult (definitely not with some expiriences), but Deluge seems to me most difficult of them.
Mostly because of starting conditions: you have just two trucks with no chance of refueling or maintanance - all resources are on other side of water and for unlocking of garage you have to cross it with those railroad trolleys. If you swapped trucks, you have truck with no attachement (light - less traction) and trailer behind it...
You can choose, if you want to pass steady water with some deep traps or wrestle with strong flow wth more shallow water, but both are a bit like roll dice. There is no chance to "go back, resupply and try again", restart is your only option...
Yes, it is perfectly possible to manage, but from whole spectrum, most difficult.

@sodoma agreed, i was just speaking in general. Deluge is the hardest of the stockers though.

I took a day off and tried again and was able to deliver 3 small log loads.

Now I am going to start the island map and hopefully not fall into the ocean.

@krd1749 are you playing on console or pc

Do manual loading at all-times.Even when you Roll-over.When you get back on your feet, you can reload yourself.But the best way is just not to Roll-over.And drive with care.